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April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding: The Bride, The Groom and the Fashion

Hi Readers!

     Have you watch the Royal Wedding? I watched it in Live Stream of BBC News UK. I was really exited to watch this special events because first I also blog about their engagement second maybe because I am still single and I'm still dreaming to have a wedding like this very glamorous...

     This event also part of the history, If ever in the future a Royal wedding happen again at least I have an Idea about it. As I mention I watched it in BBC they have the nice and most accurate live telecast in television and in the internet...will done BBC News...

      Heres some photo's in the wedding...

Guest: Elton John- one of the friend of Late Princes Diana
The Beckham's : David and Victoria Beckham (I like her hat!!!!bongga!)
Hat...hat...for the guest was one of the Fashion Statement
more hat wore by the guest..they don't wear gown but their
fashion goes to the hat they wore
The groom Prince William (in red suit) and his brother Prince Harry (In blue suit)
The choir 
The Royal Family
The march to the altar

Kate Middleton she's so lovely. Her gown was hand-made by the Royal School of Needlework, based at Hampton Court Palace, according to the news this designed was by Sarah Burton of Alexander Mc Queen. I like her earing too..

The bridal ceremony
Credit to:
BBC News UK 


  1. Kate really look so adorable and refined. I also like the way she spoke while saying her vow to prince William. :-)

    Mystic Nymph

  2. Hi Mikimoto Angel yes she is, while watching this ceremony I feels like I want to get married na!! :) aaaah!!melting...

  3. Hi to both, yes she is wonderful and stunning!!! Prince William feels very happy and is living his best dream. And glenn i could marry you if you want to, i can be your dream prince.

  4. To Anonymous thank you for dropping by in my blog. Thanks for the comment :)

  5. was not able to witness the wedding on tv. was busy doing other stuffs that day.

    kate look amazing. and the place is just awesome :D

  6. Every thing s perfect as same in royal wedding but thy must be keen in seating also i feel the seating s not so impressive. To avoid tis in ur wedding visit
    wedding planner iPhone app and make clear in the seating.