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August 26, 2012

Simple Birthday Celebration 2012

Hi readers!

   Sorry I haven't been posting a lot on here, I have been busy since the last week of July (yah, I know you're tired of the same excuses). This is just a quick post about my birthday. My birthday was last August 10. I had a simple celebration with my family and it was same as my last birthday, as usual Mang Inasal na naman ang food. Actually, that day I'm not feeling well and my bipolar attitude attacked again. I'm on a nostalgic mode, I can't help thinking of random thoughts especially about getting age, family and even about my love life. I don't know if it is just me, but getting age started me to I worry about the future so much. I still have a lot of things that I wanted to do, I just hope God grants me all those things before I die. But then, I'm thankful that God gave me continues blessing and people, whose there for me to support me and cheer me up in times of difficulties. At age thirty something :) I also learned lot of valuable lesson in life (I just hope I have time to share it with you), those lesson helps me to build the character that I have today. To my family and friends, thank you for continuing support and for your time. (^_^)

 Gifts I received on my birthday
Printed long skirt with belt from my sister. And she also gave me money, to buy a gift I want (yes she's so generous, Thanks sis!(^_^)
Silver necklace and bracelet rosary from my mother
...and ta dah! a Melissa Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Shoes 
Thank you Veron, Mama and to my brother Leo.

Thanks also to all my families and friends who sent there greetings (^_^)

God Bless Us All!


  1. Belated happy birthday glenn! Lovely presents from your loved ones especially those shoes :-)

    last year when i celebrated my bday I also felt the same way. i dunno but there's something about aging especially the transition from 20s to 30s na parang nakakadepress but after thinking it over i realized life is to short to be feeling sorry and sad for things that didn't go thru as we planned. we still have NOW and we can still make a difference no matter what's your age. Always be happy and keep ya head up!

    1. Hi Jelly Bean, Thanks! Thanks also for the wonderful words you've shared. Wala lang naman, I'm just worried at my age wala pa akong asawa (^_^) Siguro this is what God plans for me, anyway I'm still bless and happy I have my family.

      Thank you again :)