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January 25, 2012

Random Pic

Hi Readers!

  Sorry for being MIA for 2 weeks. I have been busy doing some personal errands and other important matters. My family will venture for a new business again, its about clothing, I'll announce that as soon as everything's ready. Hope you support us (^_^).

   As of now, let me share to you some random things I received and some activities I did:   

1. More blessing came 2nd week of January I received a Leopard print tops from my mom.
(I hope I have time to go out and wear it)
2. My sister gave me this make-up (I don't know where she got it).
Dama make-up with lipgloss and eye shadow.
3. I promise to less my craving for chocolate this year but I am a chocolate lover (chocoholic)
I can't control eating chocolate especially during stress . Awww sorry!!! (dark chocolate naman :P
1. (mobile pic) It was my first time to commute thru a bus going to Bonifacio Highstreet. Short story: Kamuntik na akong maligaw papuntang highstreet. First I don't know where was the bus station going to The Fort, malapit lang pala siya sa pagbaba ng MRT Ayala station. Second may East and West bound pala ang destination so if your going to Highstreet sa West bound na bus kayo sasakay, ticket cost P12.00 (para lang akong tourist na naliligaw. 2. (Mobile Picture) Bonifacio Global City (BGC) 3. New Saizen Eyelash Curler I bought in Saizen, Market Market.
1. (mobile pic.) 2nd week of January, I received Olay beauty set. (I already blog about this read here) I used the night cream up to now so far wala pa naman akong nakikitang changes 2. New bag - Envelope bag (aww finally I got one, matagal ko ng wish na magkaroon niyan (^_^) pasensiya na sa floral bedsheet na background he!he!he!. 3. 3rd week of January, I received my Belle de Jour Lifestyle card (excited na akong gamitin ang mga coupons and magattend ng events nila :
For this year, I started eating healthy foods. 1 to 3 serving of fruits a day (basta laging may fruits)
Before I crave for sweet desserts (like cakes, leche plan etc...o sige na nga isama na rin ang chocolate) after a meal, now I tried to replace sweets with fresh fruits (hay naku sana lang hanggang December 2012 ganito ako). I started to eat also vegetable pero di pa time para sabihin na vegetarian  na ako. As much as vegetable is serve on our table I make sure na uunahing kung piliin ang veges over fried meats. And also for this year I started feeding my soul. I started reading this book and it really help my spiritual side "The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren". I got this from my brother Leo. Nice book, You should read this too. :)
Last week I watched this video on You tube which made me cry...
Want to find out why, click the link and watch. 

for more info about Grave of the Fireflies click here


  1. Hey sis, glad you're doing good. Don't worry, everyone is actually becoming quite busy this 2012.. ^^ The year has been starting fast. Anyway, have a great year ahead :D

  2. hi glenn,

    i love the red envelope bag. where did you get it? the purpose driven life is one of the best books i've read. it changes my perspectives in life. i've been reading the book over and over and never seem to get tired of it. i hope you follow his instruction to read one chapter a day. and yung grave of the fireflies, napanood ko na sya way back in high school. i remember we watch it at picc during the japanese festival. i think we watch 3 different japanese movies and cant remember the title until i saw the link. grabe the movie was really sad. so kawawa her sister :-(

    1. Hi Jelly Bean :) I got it from someone who went in Taiwan. Yes yong purpose driven life I read it one chapter a day, I learned a lot talaga. And about Grave of fireflies talagang naiyak ako doon siguro 3 days ko siyang inisip grabe sabi ko I'm still lucky hindi namin napagdaanan ng mga kapatid ko yong nangyari sa mga characters.

  3. I wish I can start the habit of eating veggies also instead of choosing meat. Kahit busy days, we should still be thankful kasi productive tayo. :)

    1. Hi Dara hindi ko naman totally binawasan ang pagkain ko ng meat. Basta I make sure na kapag may vegetable na available yon yong kakainin.Thanks for the comment.

  4. We have the same resolution. I'm trying to eat healthier food too. =)

    1. Hi Tin thanks for dropping by :) Its good to know that both of us want a healthier living. Hope you continue that. Fueling our body with right food is really important :)

  5. Grave of the Fireflies really tore my heart apart. I've written an entry for that here. Cried so many time during that film.

    1. Hi Riza :) the film made me cry also. I'll read you post. Thanks for dropping by

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Sassi :) And thanks for dropping by :)

  7. great post, i really love this bag!!


  8. hi glenn! i've been "trying" to eat healthy too but i'm always temted. haha. good luck sa bagong lifestyle mo. anyway, love the red envelope bag.

    thanks for visiting my blog. followed you. =)

    I Am Dollparts