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August 16, 2011

Random Cuteness :)

Hi Readers!

     Another Random things I discover when I strolled around in Ayala last Saturday (for all the bagets out there!).

First stop Papemelroti 
Left side - Papemelroti Address Book,  cost P26.00 only
Right side Fitness Journal cost P 18.00 only
Below - notepad with pencil P26.00 only
     I love Papemelroti they have lot of range of cute design of notebooks, boxes, other paper made stuffs and even accessories. When I drop by in their store in Glorietta last Saturday the fitness journal catches my attention ...I can now write down all the food I ate and track my activities (Isn't it so exciting). I bought Address book which is not so bulky, just a right size to fit my bag.  And I also bought this cute notepad with pencil I love the cover note says "All things are possible". 

Above is the example of what inside the Fitness Journal.
Landmark, Makati
Fashion Eye box plastic holder, cost P29.75 each
Pink Ballpen., cost 19.75 each (cute lang ng puppy)


  1. I love papemelroti, as far as I know they used recycled materials on thier products(not sure though) lol.. whatever it is.. I love papemel :)

  2. those are really cute! and they're all under 50! great finds :D

  3. Hello,pinay readser here! Love that pen! soo cute!

    Care to follow my blog? followed you already.

    Hugs and kisses,

  4. @ Dara - Hi Girl yes they used recycle materials. I love Papemelroti too, basta mga drawing mahilig ako dyan :)

    @Fashion Cousense - thanks for dropping by..yes those are cute and affordable too, fit to teenagers, highschool or college students :)

    @Maria - Hi girl thanks for following I followed you back already. Looking forward for more of your blog :)

  5. hehe, ang cute nga ng fitness journal. easy and fun way to monitor our daily food intake! =)

  6. Hi Chyng thanks for dropping by in my blog :)
    Love na love kung basahin ang travel Blog mo..
    Maraming salamat talaga, yes try to look at Papemelroti in Glorietta I'm sure you gonna like it too :)

  7. loving the fitness journal notebook!

  8. Good haul! I'm definitely getting a fitness notebook as well. I'm about to fill up the pages of my existing one. =)

  9. Hi Abi and The Average Jane - Thanks for dropping by in my blog :) Try to get one you'll love it specially if you want to monitor your food intake :)

  10. Interesting yung fitness notebook! :D

  11. Hi Janinay thanks for dropping by, yes maganda nga siya you can buy it in Papemelroti

  12. Hi Ms. Kaye thanks for dropping by in my blog.