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July 10, 2010

Review: ID Beta Hydroxy acid and monolaurin clarifying skin care system

Hi readers!

   Last year, I bought a facial foam (product of a known dermatologist, I will not mention the product name but it start with letter “B”) I was curious with the benefits of that product since it was highly endorsed by many celebrities. After twice usage, the result was really disappointing. A lot of acne came out on my forehead, it was totally disaster on my skin, can you imagine that?, I’m only using the facial foam (cleanser), what if I use their toner, which has more chemical? 

  I am thankful because my sister Veron introduced to me this wonderful product or should I say my secret weapon for acne. It's ID clarifying and firming toner and aftershave (see lots of benefits?!) from VMV Hypoallergenic. After two days of use, all of my acnes or pimples were gone. Thanks to the inventor of ID Beta Hydroxy acid and monolaurin clarifying skin care system, Thank you VMV Hypoallergenics!

 Until now, I’m still using ID not only for pimples but for anti-bacterial purposes also. It's like a sanitizer for the face. We use our hands in holding things and sometimes we don't notice that we get germs from the things we hold, then we touch our face and that's where the germs start to spread around the face and that's also the start of irritation.

The other benefits of using ID were 1. With the Beta-Hydroxy Acid, an oil soluble anti-acne plus anti-inflammatory exfoliant to scour pores 2. Monolaurin, a skin disinfectant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-yeast plus anti-protozoal. 3. Quick effective treatment for acne, ingrown hair (chicken skin), sweet acne 4. Helps to tighten, cool plus control oil.

Active ingredient: Salicylic Acid
Where to buy:  ID is available in all VMV Boutiques /Kiosks
  • VMV Boutiques (2ND Floor Rockwell, Trinoma, Bonifacio High Street, Robinson Galleria)
  • VMV Kiosks (available in SM Malls and Landmark Makati)
How much:       ID Price in 120 ml bottle is P710.00 (seven hundred ten pesos) only.

For more information about ID check the VMV Hypoallergenic website below:

Disclamer: No part of this blog paid for advertising especially for this product. This is my personal experienced in using the product above. For more concern and information visit the store or boutiques and get more detail or testing. Thank you very much for visiting this blog entry.

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